7 Points To Keep In Mind While Building Backlinks

Back links are an integral part of SEO. Simply speaking, your web connections are like the real life networks that you hold in society. On the web, back links are what for the network. Here are Top points that you must keep in your mind for the same, so that your website does amazingly well! 1. A Diversity In Linking It’s important not to link with a single or sole strategy. You shouldn’t rely on only one platform for your links, for instance, like directories. Your linking strategy should have different sources of reaching your site. This makes your network stronger and has a better effect on search results. 2. Be Alert About Competitor’s Linking Strategy Of course it does not mean that you need to be after your competitor’s steps. But it is always good to have an analysis of what is happening in the market. Which sites are connected and what are the patterns that you can see? A quick analysis is important so that you can learn form the mistakes as well as the plus points. 3. Be Wise In Negotiations You have to negotiate your backlinks like a professional or in other words, a true webmaster. The web should benefit from the association! If a particular site is good for back linking, you can go ahead. But what does that particular site get in return? The benefit has to be balanced. 4. Create Quality Content And Links At the end of the day, for good back linking, you need good content because only then people would want to link back to your website. So, you should be absolutely careful about your content and the sites that you are linking to. It’s important to link to good website and not to bad neighbourhoods. 5. Link To Inner Pages Many websites make the mistake of linking only to the main or home pages. This way, a big opportunity is lost as inner pages also offer good potential for back linking. Moreover, as search engines rank pages and not the entire sites, an inner page which is well linked and which gains trust over the years has great scope to rank prominently in future and for a longer duration of time. 6. Appropriate Linking To Keyword Anchor Text The whole idea of linking is to let the search engine spiders know where your content is and that it must rank for specific keywords. Hence, it’s important to link smartly and to link to your keyword anchor text. For instance, your keyword is ‘hand bags’. So linking to the keyword ‘hand bags’ is more advisable than linking to the word ‘click here’. 7. Don’t Link Only to Anchor Text The next point is that you should link to more than one word. Of course, you need to have your keyword research in place. The idea is to spread your links and encourage diversity in linking. Such a back link building strategy is known to be far more successful. Divya is an SEO and SMO expert working with iNetZeal in the area of web development. She has many years of experience and is a regular blogger.
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