Best Airsoft SMG 2015

My fiance and I had a great idea! We wanted to bring the bridal party to an airsoft game event. Transportation was a challenge not to mention that everyone had to come to one location for the wedding, but getting everyone to all the different events has been a challenge. We did some research and originally thought we would just get a limo, but decided instead to book a wedding party bus [] limo we found online. Can’t wait to surprise everyone with that fun time. Until then, I wanted to put together a list of types of airsoft guns that our bridal party could choose from. An SMG is used for the Airsoft players who love to rush into combat, guns blazing. This is one of the most exhilarating ways to play Airsoft. There is nothing better than sneaking up behind your target and letting loose a few seconds of a 60 SPS SMG. With that being said, we wanted to praise the die hard SMG fans, and give them a great guide to their next weapon. We definitely think this guide will be one of the most comprehensive top 5 SMG guides yet. We will include some talk on sidearms for good SMG gunman synergy. Let’s get started. TOP 5 PICKS This was a tough choice. Choosing the right SMGs for our Top 5 list was fun, but very difficult trying to narrow it down to just 5. But after much controversy between our staff over, this is our selection. Keep in mind, we are ranking on a with or without attachment basis. Meaning, whether this gun has full attachments, or if it has zero, it is the best gun on the market in this category. Yes, the KRISS Super V, the one gun that more than half of the staff had to agree with. When we were coming along with this Top 5 Airsoft Guns list for SMGs, the vector was the obvious choice. This gun is BADASS! Flip-up front and rear-end sights, looks exactly like a real Kriss Vector, LED Light attach is perfect. The gun can fire as single-shot, two round burst, and fully automatic. Shoots at nearly 400 FPS and has deadly accuracy. If you’re looking to spend $500+ on a gun, then get this SMG and you won’t be disappointed. Of course, there are more than one type of Uzi. But, when choosing the right brand and quality Uzi, this gun will serve you well and score you plenty of FPS kills. It was hard deciding on this vs. the PPsh-41, but it came down to the overall functionality and compatibility with the needs and performance of each gun. For its size, the Uzi is probably one of the highest performing SMGs on the market. Definitely an awesome gun for a beginner… Check this out if you don’t want to spend too much money on Airsoft, but you want a worthwhile gun. The PPsh was a solid 3rd place pick, especially after being one of the most durable and versatile guns in the history of all war. This gun has an awesome potential for fun. The minimum magazine size of this weapon is 540, and standard packages come with a 2,000 round barrel magazine. The reason this gun didn’t win 2nd is unfortunate, the gun simply has some issues. Magazine feeding issues, clunky parts, and poor finishes on it’s looks. However, it fires at about 400 FPS and fires nearly 900 shots per minute by default. All in all, a very good gun. Another awesome gun, the CZ EVO Scorpion. This gun has so many perks, and one of the reasons why people run with SMGs, discretion and speed. This gun is light, accurate, and to the point. It does not have a long barrel like other guns in this category. With the Scorpion, you won’t have to worry too much about having a bad game. This gun can deliver a highly accurate shot and powerful impact. You can’t go wrong with the CZ Evo 3 A1 Scorpion. Last but not least, the FN P90. This gun is great for beginners, not too strong and not too weak. Rate of fire is around 680 shots per minute, and around 375 feet per second. This gun is great for wood land and outdoor game-play. This gun can shoot in Semi-automatic and full-automatic fire rates, at a relatively good accuracy. When shooting in full-auto, the magazine does have some trouble feeding the barrel. But most of the time, the gun’s performance is great. Definitely a good choice for any Support player.
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