Launches Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold cause overwhelmed for all

Right after Galaxy Unpacked 2019 ends, almost all of the newspaper technology world must spend applause for renditions of Samsung. After many days of waiting, all eyes technology enthusiasts focused on building Civic Auditorium Bill Graham, located in the city of San Francisco, northern California. Because this will be the place witnessed the emergence of generation Smartphone, new Galaxy. “Have to admit one thing, who has designed the graphics for my presentation, this is really a guy super genius,” Nick Statt, reporter, The Verge uttered after witnessing the premiere Galaxy Unpacked 2019. This is also the general feeling of most viewers throughout the duration of the event. Party colorful technology Other with Galaxy Unpacked every year, the introduction this time real stature large scale, worthy for the first generation Galaxy 10. Screen “mole” Infinity-O upgrade from screen infinity on S8 or S9 for maximum visibility, features wireless charger, other phone Wireless Powershare of the Galaxy S10 makes people not out of surprises. Not to mention, there is the appearance of many breakthrough technologies such as fingerprint scanning, ultrasound, integrated Wi-Fi 6, 5G…. With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung still confidently assert model this smartphone will “change the shape of the future”. About the image, launches products really are the party of projection technology, sound and staging. This is predictable, because in the past year, Samsung has always wowed with event participants launched smartphone Galaxy new. Overall stage using technology, 3D mapping, interactive light, Samsung make viewers remember about the screen design, the infinity of the airline, besides the music spectacular has pushed the emotions of all participants up to the peak. Guy witch Korean technology has created a launch event to be proud of, worthy of the stature of the line Galaxy S on the market.
With Galaxy Unpacked 2019, the Korean company 's event organizing capacity has reached the upper level. Photo: Twitter.

With Galaxy Unpacked 2019, the Korean company ‘s event organizing capacity has reached the upper level. Photo: Twitter.

“It’s 90 minutes can’t go back” A stroll around the internet famous, voyeuristic impression is the general feel of the pen when participating in track. “That’s 90 minutes we won’t be back…At the event held in San Francisco, the leaders of Samsung introduced to the world the latest smartphone in their applause continuity of participants”, page Engadget expressed regret. “We were attending a dinner of the progressive technology… from the smartphone foldable screen is incredible, the high-end mobile to wireless charging with the wearable devices, all of which can be found at Galaxy Unpacked 2019”, page Digital Trends excitement. “No one can deny that besides quality, Samsung also brings the user the number of at Galaxy Unpacked this year,” pen Aaron Brown sheets of T3 commented, “we are witnessing the screen debut of the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit , Galaxy Fit e and Galaxy Watch Active. There are too many “Galaxy” here”. Indeed, Samsung has almost completely molt. If put Galaxy S9 besides S10, one can hardly visualize the Korean company has come step ahead so far as just after a year. Not only many new technologies, the S10 also owns looks advanced finishing capabilities reach the level of the most sophisticated currently on the market. Bringing the connection technology of the future as Wifi6, 5G, 2-speed, Gigabit, increasing from 1.2 Gigabit compared with the previous year shows the vision of Samsung for the device. This help it become the smartphone have high speed Internet today, besides the hardware configuration, the Snapdragon chips 855 was too “terrible”.
Also at the event, Samsung said more than 2 billion Galaxy handsets came to users. Photo: YouTube.

Also at the event, Samsung said more than 2 billion Galaxy handsets came to users. Photo: YouTube.

In time, besides the new technology leader Samsung also skillfully integrate the information interesting as 2 billion smartphone Galaxy sold, as well as ambitious way refurbished mobility industry capital has been saturated. Even the songs such as Pure Imagination, Que sera sera is also used in a manner full of refinement, associated with content presentation. Galaxy Unpacked 2019 end but has opened new chapter for the mobile industry. Own with Galaxy S10 owns many technological breakthroughs, bringing the design of the future have created a strong mark in the launch event. This Model brought a new wind in the world of technology with these useful features, promises to become smartphone be devotees mobile favored in 2019.    
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