Not making your business card yourself

So many times you might think that a business card should just be a basic item. I mean of course you could go to Vista Print and pick any one of their standard designs for speed. You could go with a simple design that you love because it has flowers all over it. It could also be because they often free business cards and their shipping prices aren’t too bad. Or maybe you could try to actually design your own card, since design software isn’t that expensive and you’d be able to use it again and again. You’d spend maybe a little bit more money since you’d have to find the right software then gather the elements you need for the card then of course find a printer to print the card after you’ve made it. Goodness that sounds like a lot of work right? But of course you have to ask yourself.. do I have time to make a business card? If you have the time then do you know what you want on your business card? Do you know something other then the kind of text you want? Maybe you have a logo already and think you can just place your logo onto the card and that’s all. The truth is a business card represents you and your company. You want your business card to be a lasting reminder to whoever you hand it out to that it’s an extension of yourself and your company. Making a business card yourself isn’t as easy as you might think it is. Creating a business card isn’t a ten minute job as many people may think it is. It’s actually much more difficult than designers hint at. Of course those with years of experience behind them can make an amazing business card within a few hours or less. But you and I just don’t have the resources we would need to make our business card stand out among all the rest. We as business owners only know so much of the graphic design side of things. It’s a completely different field. Did you know there are many different shades of teal? So you can’t just tell a person my favorite color is teal; instead you have to explain which shade of teal you are referring to. And think about how many different fonts there are; maybe thousands. I can’t stress enough just how often I have made the mistake of making my own business cards and once I got it printed and it was in my hands I discovered I really hated it and it didn’t represents me the way I had hoped it would. So instead of making your business card yourself consider removing the stress and worry and hire a professional graphic designer instead. The money you invest will save you time and get you just what you want without the added stress.
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