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There are various types of skiing which are enjoyed by many around the world. Some people enjoy racing down ski trails.
Others prefer making their way on skis over relatively flat land. Either style has a few variations on it.
The equipment used varies from style to style. Of course, a skier requires skis to be able to participate in the sport, but poles are just as necessary.
Finding the right poles should be of just as much concern to a skier as his skis. Often, a customer service associate at a ski store should be able to help you find poles that are the appropriate length.
However, there are some general rules that you can remember to help you when selecting a pair of poles. Having this information will prepare you to make the right decision, even if your customer service associate isn’t as knowledgeable as he should be.
The first thing to remember is how the poles are measured. Poles are ordered by their length in centimeters.
Your first inclination may have been to assume that they were measured in inches, but this is not the case. Although you may find poles that are listed in inches, you should not assume that one length is going to be perfect for you across brands.
Additionally, body sizes and proportions vary from person to person. A pole that is the perfect length for you may not be the perfect length for someone else who is the same height as you.
You should try to take as much time testing your poles as you do your skis. The two pieces of equipment together will help you to improve your runs, so you should be sure that you have the best of both.
One style of skiing that you might enjoy is alpine.
This style was developed in the Alps in Europe, from which it took its name.
An alpine skier zooms down hills on skis that are completely attached to the foot. Shorter poles are used to propel the individual and for balance.
In order to find the right pole, you should begin by looking at shorter poles. Once you find a set that feel comfortable, you can test them.
Turn the poles over so that the handle is on the ground. Next, put your hands just below the basket portion of the pole.
If the poles are the right length, they should make your arms be at right angles. Another style of skiing is Telemark skiing.
This style is similar to alpine, but the skier’s heel is not attached to the ski. However, the foot is still attached at the toes.
This setup allows an individual to make a Telemark turn. One leg is kept straight, while the other is bent up underneath the body.
Some who enjoy this style prefer to be able to adjust the length of their poles to suit the terrain that they are traversing. Furthermore, the length of the pole used by an individual will depend greatly on how high he stands while making the turn.
A third style that is favored by many is cross country skiing. This style involves propelling oneself along mostly flat ground.
However, a few small hills may be encountered along a trail. Because the poles are the objects used to propel the skier through the snow, they must have enough length to them to reach the ground from a standing position.
When searching for cross country poles, look through those poles that are longer. Test any poles that you like by placing them on the ground and checking whether they reach your armpits.
A variation of cross country skiing is skate skiing. In this style, the skier glides along on skis that are angled like skates.
In order to keep moving quickly, an individual must have poles that let them really dig into the snow. Poles for this style can be tested in much the same way as those for cross country.
However, you should be checking to see whether the poles come up to the level of your nose. No matter which style you enjoy, the poles you use are very important.
So, the next time you go to buy or rent, make sure that you take the time to choose good skis and good poles. Using the right poles can make your skiing experience that much better.
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