Reflections on Shari Horne Interview

As I read over Shari’s responses in the interview, three things stood out to me. First, the emphasis on giving a website personality. As I looked over the Recommended Web Tools website I sense it is sorta flat, no design pizzazz. Then again it is a tech website and tech websites are not known for their personality per se. I prefer to keep things simple (not minimalist but simple), partly because I don’t have a full range of design skills, second, because it is easier for me to maintain. The question of personality is a key one for all websites. Essentially a website has only two means to communicate personality: the design itself or the content. Double bonus if you can manage both. The personality that comes through via the content is key. Shari’s emphasis on writing and becoming a better writer are admonitions that I have taken to heart a long time ago. The very process of trying to write everyday provides good practice. I have realized my own need to go back and revisit the basics of sound grammar. Good communicators tend to rule the web. It was very clear to me when I received Shari’s responses that she was a good writer. She may disagree, but I wonder if it is her writing skills that ultimately give her an edge in her business. Lastly, her own struggle with learning a CMS piqued my interest. If there is anything that can be intimidating to beginners, its the learning curve that most CMS’s throw at them. The beginner then is challenged to find a CMS that is not only easy to use but one that has a decent support community.
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