Social Media (Web 2.0)

Web 2.0 is a keynote of Social Media that refers to the changing trends of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to improve the production of information, its creativeness and collaboration among its users that leads to the development of several web based communities and even hosted services such as video sharing sites, wikis, blogs and social networking sites and folksonomies. For those educators who want to use and learn about Web 2.0 in application for their teaching strategy were advice to start using the three basic elements of Web 2.0 application in order to have a more concrete start and overview about Web 2.0. The three basic aspects or Web 2.0 applications that most Web 2.0 experts recommended are the following: 1. Blogs ( Blogspot, TravelBlog, Blogger and etc.). Blog is also considered as Web site wherein, it’s usually maintained by a group or an individual. Maintenance of this Web site usually entails regular entries of articles, commentary aspects, informational events, graphics or even videos. Most of the time the blog usually contain images, text or even links to other blog and as well, the blog posts were displayed in chronological order. 2. Wikis (GoogleDocs, Wiki, Wikipedia) This Wikis usually provides a collection of web pages that been designed for everyone to access in order to contribute or provide modification of the content with the used of the simplified markup language. Most of the time Wikis are usually use to create collaborative websites and as well, to empower community websites. Aside of that also, Wikis are also used for business purposes in order to provide intranets and Knowledge Management systems. 3. Social Bookmarking (, Digg, Furl, and etc.) This social bookmarking is a method that allows Internet users to organize, store, be able to manage bookmarks of several web pages on the internet with the support of metadata.
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