Stop These 3 Deadly Sins Of Affiliate Marketing To Increase Sales

As with most things in life there are successes and failures, and affiliate marketing is no different. The same mistakes are seen as a common trend among those that fail. Well the good news is that if you stay away from these deadly sins you can avoid being counted as statistics among affiliates that flopped. This means that you may be well on your way to be a super affiliate. Well let me hurry on to these 3 deadly sins before you get caught among the crowd.

1. Not Knowing Your Product

Having no idea of what they are promoting is a very common mistake among most affiliates. First of all, they haven’t bought the product and neither did the research to see if the product can deliver to their potential prospects. How is this bad for your future? Can you imagine sending tons of traffic to an affiliate product and getting only two sales? The thing about it is, you paid lots of money to drive that traffic to your site. That’s not the worst part, the sales end up as refunds. Spending money trying to promote something that may not satisfy your customers is definitely bad for your future in affiliate marketing. How else will this affect you? Say you are the owner of a website or blog, the reflection is going to come back to you because you recommended it to your visitors in the first place. So if the product is no good or doesn’t deliver then they will say you don’t have good taste in quality. This could stain your reputation as your visitors will think you don’t actually care what they get for their money. Buying before you promote is a plus as an affiliate. You too can get your money back if you’re not satisfied as most affiliate programs offer refunds. Imagine the trust you can gain from your visitors when you can share your first hand knowledge of the product.

2. Driving Traffic In Traffic Exchanges Directly to Affiliate Websites

Knowing how to use traffic exchanges can help you capture many leads. ALL traffic exchange users are looking for traffic. They view your site so you can view theirs. They are not looking for good offers or deals. So how do you succeed here? Stand out and grab their attention. Most affiliate splash-pages don’t work good here. I’ve sent hundreds of hits to such affiliate splash-pages without making sales! How do you get their attention? First, what you are promoting has to be relevant for the average user. Weight loss products, vitamins or how to train your dog are not the best niches for these type of sites. They want things to help them make money on their own. So unless you can help them make MONEY the majority of them are not interested. Then, you will have to use your creative ability and create your own sales letters.  Try to make one for each traffic exchange site that you’re using. Do this by customizing it to the users of that site. You don’t have to create a long sales letter like the affiliate splash-page, put just enough content to grab their attention and add the link to your affiliate website. A strong attention getting headline, and a few paragraphs to explain your main idea should be enough. If you’ve invested a lot of time in gaining traffic exchange credits then don’t waste them on random affiliate splash-pages? Why not find products that are relevant to these type of users.

3. No Idea of What Niche You’re In

Not knowing who to sell your products to is the last deadly sin that affiliates make. I don’t want to discourage you in that you won’t make any sales but you will waste a lot of time and money on people not that interested. Selling lawn service to a landscaper is not impossible, but why not make it easy and sell him tools & equipment? Even in the area of advertising, it would be more beneficial to promote weight loss products on fitness related sites than Real Estate – communities. If you take some time and know what you are selling then eventually you will discover who to sell to. If you want to start making money or make more money in less time then know the niche that you are in. Wishing you super affiliate success and hope to hear about your success soon. If you need more tips and information take a sneak peak at out our FREE newsletter. In the meantime please tell me how this has been of any help to.  
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