The Five Most Important Things To Look For In An SMS Marketing Service

THE FIVE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN AN SMS MARKETING SERVICE When we first started ranking SMS Marketing companiesback in 2009 the industry was small. In the last two years the SMS marketing industry has grown tremendously. There are tons of great companies out there but there are many more companies that you’ll want to avoid. We’re not here to trash anyone but we do suggest you consider the following when choosing the right SMS marketing company for your business’ text messaging campaigns. 1. Are You Dealing With A Real Company? How long have they been around? We’re not saying a new company can’t be good at what they do but a track record goes a long way. Relationships matter. What about the software itself? Not every SMS Marketing service builds their own software. There are hundreds of companies that are simply affiliates or white labels of someone else’s software. When it comes to new features or bugs you want to go with a company that develops its own software. 2. Beware of unlimited messaging plans. Have you ever heard the phrase There’s no such thing as a free lunch? How about If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. The point of this is every SMS marketing company pays to deliver your messages (they pay aggregators  who in turn pay the carriers). When a company promises unlimited messaging they usually don’t stick around very long. Unlimited messaging simply isn’t a sustainable business model. 3. Support Is Essential. Can you call the company for support? Most companies will take a sales call (if they won’t even take a sales call, run don’t walk). But will they take a support call? Do they have live chat? What about 24 hour email support? Guides to get you started? When in doubt try to call them or send an email. If you don’t get a prompt response at least you know what you’re getting into. 4. Can You Try It For Free? Not every business offers free trials, and this isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s something you really should consider. The SMS Marketing industry is very competitive. Nearly every reputable company will allow you to take their software for a test drive. That can be 30 days, some free messages, or some other trial. 5. Are They Inserting Anything Into Your Messages? This is really important. One of the ways companies can get away with offering too good to be true pricing is by inserting ads into your messages or, even worse, sending messages to the customers on your marketing list. If your marketing list isn’t your marketing list and no one else’s then it isn’t your marketing list. That also means you should be able to export your contacts, messages, and any other data at any time. We’ve heard from too many businesses who have been held hostage by not-so-reputable services that refuse to allow customers to export their data.  
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