Thesis 1.8.2 is the best wordpress theme

Simple to Design Many, if not most websites are NOT designed from scratch these days; they don’t need to be when there are fantastic search friendly platforms like WordPress and easy-peasy themes of which Thesis is King. For ease of use and flexibility I wouldn’t look anywhere else. I am no techie and I can manage Thesis easily, my sites are attractive if basic but if you want more Thesis can do it, thesis is powerful. It has a remarkably efficient HTML + CSS + PHP framework whatever that means with easy-to-use controls to fine-tune every page of your site to be just the way you want it. Designed by me in Thesis The days of fretting over your in-site SEO are over—with Thesis, all you have to do is get your keywords right and “just add killer content.” You DO NOT need to be a coder to get a great looking, search friendly site. DIYthemes, intended to build the best wordpress theme and they did, they provided simple tools to build the best websites on the planet, and they achieved just that. So what are the advantages of Thesis over other themes? There are more than a thousand free themes now available in the WordPress directory, some of these are really beautiful and each one offers features and functions to make some really nice websites. So why would you want pay for a theme when there are such good looking freebies out there? Well, actually, there are a number reasons. You can customise the way it looks – easily! Yes free themes can and often do look great out of the box but start using them and most people find that they still want to change them in some way. Many free themes need you to go into the core code files, which I and most non-techies would run a mile from. Thesis gives you heaps of customization options and it’s easy to use. You can change font colors and sizes, choose between 1-, 2-, and 3-column layouts, build dynamic dropdown menus, and add multimedia content without ever touching the source files. Even major changes can be simple Even using Thesis, you may want to change your site in some way that the front end isn’t designed for. No problem. With other themes, you usually have to go into file manage and ftp to find the right file and if you are me you stand a good chance of screwing up. With Thesis, you don’t even go there, instead, you have 2 custom file, one for putting CSS code to style the page and one for writing PHP code to add content and functionality to your site. Don’t let that Jargon put you off it really is easy. Thesis isn’t just for now it’s for life Another major benefit is that when a new version is released in the future, you won’t end up overwriting all the wonderful stuff you’ve created. You simply add your two existing custom files to the upgrade and everything continues to work the same. Get more information about the best WordPress Theme Now there is a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee so what have you got to lose?
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