20 Unusual Ways To Use QR Codes

As you might know (or don’t know) QR codes are just like product bar codes except instead of telling the cashier the price, a QR code can be used in over 20 unusual ways. The code scanned translates into instructions or a web page or any type of information so that the mobile user . 1. Put a code on your business card with all your contact information and it goes right into their database on their phone or tablet. Who will people call? Businesses they already have their phone number in their electronic address book or businesses that they have to search for. 2. Put it on a t-shirt and people who talk to you will be so interested in seeing what it represents they will ask you if they can scan your shirt with their phones. Instantly, they will be sent to your website or Facebook page. 3. Use QR codes to take them to a spec page so they don’t have to hunt for salespeople to ask for details. There may not be enough space on the label but QR codes don’t take much space and can reveal pages and pages of features online. 4. Put it on your contact page so they can automatically send an email or text message from their phone. They will have to photograph the screen which is not as accurate or easy to copy as a QR code on paper but it still works. 5. Put your QR codes on the instruction sheet so they can watch the video or see another manual. Many written instructions are confusing or explained in a foreign language but video will cut down the number of returns and complains. 6. Put it on a campaign sign so that those passing by can get much more information or just save the information on the sign. 7. Add QR codes in print ads to take the readers to websites or a coupon/sales page. It just makes total sense. 8. Put it on a for sale sign to sell your house or car or furniture (on a bulletin board) so that when scanned the person can call, email or text the seller right away. 9. Add QR code to your luguage so if it’s lost, the airline can reunite you with your valuables. Bet you did not think of that one! 10. Scanning a QR code sends out a tweet on your account and then you can send a tweet back. (Note to self: let’s write an whole article on this one later!) 11. Do a location login on every table and walls of your restaurant to do a Facebook check in or Foursquare to offer specials and discounts. For example a coffee shop can say “Scan the QR code five times on five visits and get a free muffin!” 12. Call a business to place your order and scan the QR code to auto dial your mobile phone. 13. Send a QR code to a potential client which takes to your website. I do this all the time. 14. Put it on your conference nametag (why not?) 15. Put a QR code on your invoice which takes them to a landing page making a special offer so that your customer can buy more stuff. 16. Put a QR code on the end of a video so the viewers can go to the next hidden video 17. People who are not online can scan the QR code in a flyer or invoice to use the Paypal buy link or shopping cart page. 18. You can promote an event and scanning the QR code adds the date to their calendar increasing bookings and RSVP’s a lot (a lot!!!) 19. Guests can scan in via QR codes and it logs them into your WIFI account in your hotel, B&B or restaurant. 20. Put it in your powerpoint presentation and prospective customers can get your free gift or special bonus at the end of the day/night. Did you like our suggestions? Add your own in the comment section below. * how to use qr code in coffee shop * unusual qr codes * ways to use qr codes * qrcode car * unusual place for a qr code * qr code that sends to facebook * unusual qr code * unusual qr code uses * qr code autodial * QR code to send a tweet 2011
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