5 new tech gadgets that are unusual but amazing!

Technology is rapidly advancing, and this means that newer and better gadgets are being released all the time. It also means that we are starting to see some pretty unusual things as well. The intention of this article is to discuss a few of the more unique items out there which you may have missed. These gadgets may be different, but they all have one thing in common, they are amazing. Let’s dive in! Digital Camera Swim Mask The underwater world is incredibly beautiful, but sadly, the technology in the past has never allowed us to capture it in a stunning way. That is all set to change with this fantastic Digital Camera Swim Mask however. As you can probably guess, the mask has an in built camera which is easily controlled by yourself. It is a pretty fantastic cameras as well, and it really does help you catch that underwater world in all of its glory! Once you are done you can simply upload your images to the computer and edit them however you please. It is supplied with a USB cable for this purpose. It also has the ability to record video. Hog Wild Shower Light The ability to tell the temperature of water has been around for centuries (or at least I think it has), but there has always been the age old question….how do you tell the temperature of shower water? Obviously, not all of us (the sane amongst us at least) are going to use a thermometer to test the water. So we need something else, something to ensure we don’t get a short sharp shock when we step into the shower. The techno wizzes at Hog Wild have done exactly that, they have designed a programmable shower head which ensures the temperature of the water is perfect when you step inside the shower. The ideal temperature is indicated by an ‘LED Lighting’ System. This really is complete genius. Friendly Robotics RL850 RoboMower 21-Inch Automatic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower This isn’t cheap, but boy is it handy. This is a robotic lawn mower which has the ability to cut your grass without any interaction. Perfect for the summer when you would most likely prefer to be lounging around in a hammock drinking a nice cold glass of beer. I think that reason alone it is more than worth its $1,500 price tag. Solio H1000 Universal Hybrid Charger This charging device is perfect for when you are on the go. It relies on a solar panel to charge your device, which means wherever there is sun, you will be able to use your latest gadgets. It comes complete with all the connectors required for some of the most popular phones and gadgets around, this means you will never be caught short! Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium Many people will simply not give this device a second glance, but I think it is pretty cool. Point it at the sky and it will identify planets and constellations for you with ease. It even acts as an audio guide. Remarkably nifty, and pretty amazing! Leave a reply to 5 new tech gadgets that are unusual but amazing!
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