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We looked at all of the various ACR Airsoft Gun  on the market. We’ve tried dozens of them. We believe this particular model is the best, it terms of price to value. Here is the description from the manufacturer of this ACR Airsoft Gun: Boyi D-Boys SCAR-L BLACK Airsoft AEG Gun- Full Metal Upper Receiver- Interchangeable Long Barrel Included- 380 fps (.20g BB)- 300-Round Hi Cap Magazine Included- Battery and Charger Included- Folding Front and Rear Sights- Adjustable Hop Up- Vertical Foregrip Included- Adjustable Side Folding Stock- Here are reviews of the ACR Airsoft Gun: Here are what people who have bought this ACR Airsoft Gun are saying about the gun: “Now this AEG is worth it. This SCAR has 400 fps with .2s, and about 375 with .25s (wat i use). I have never seen any AEG more accurate than this. It has an average rate of fire, comes with a foregrip, and the rear sight is not so great. When I first got it, it wouldnt shoot on semi. Then after a month it just made a high pitched screetch and wouldnt shoot. I went through it and found out there was a screw on the bottom of the pistol grip that controls something with the gearbox, and all i did was tighten it all the way in. The next day, i go shoot it, and it shoots much smoother and semi auto works also.” “this acr airsoft gun gun is fantastic, great fire rate, price, very durable, and good weight. the only thing that is a con for this gun is the shipping price, though it came on time. its very accurate and has a good range, great for all players. I have never had a problem, and never upgraded it but its still a great gun, one that u wont have to replace for a very long time.” “I purchased this expecting a mid to low grade air soft rifle. Boy was I wrong! While D Boys may be the name of the company selling it, it boasts a Classic Army all metal gearbox and gears. The only difference between the image and how it came was it has ZERO markings on it. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with it as I was able to get the sights dead on after a few min of tinkering at about 100 feet. It comes out of the box shooting nearly 400fps using .20g. For the price and quality, as long as you dont mind a few blemishes (I.E. lack of markings, green paint on upper being slightly off) I highly reccommend this for any starter.” CONCLUSION: This is a very accurate acr airsoft gun with a pretty good fire rate. It uses the M4 magazines and comes with a battery and charger. It also comes with the 300 round magazine. Battery space is limited and it’s a little on the heavy side. Externally it’s a great acr airsoft gun. There have been some issues with the internals. Overall, a 4 out of 5.
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