Grammy Red Carpet!

Aaaaaaaand cue my disppointment! I’m not saying it was a terrible time on the carpet but come on people!!!! I expect so much more from you…so much more…..I don’t know….eccentricism. And I just never seem to get it. But you guys can make your own decisions….as I write this, Janelle Monae is onstage looking INSANE in her tuxedo….I adore her fashion sense….her, B.o.b. and Bruno Mars are destroying it! Sorry….here’s the red carpet pics: Lady Gaga: What can I possibly say when the Queen herself shows up encased in a pod? Pure brilliance….but I was looking forward to your outfit most of all….sigh. Adam Lambert: You are beyond fabulous…continue looking amazing. I love that you’ve cut down on the amount of makeup you wear. Ciara: An intergalactic Roman princess…that has to be what she told her stylist she wanted to look like. And her hair doesn’t back it up…tsktsk….go all the way or go home. Dianna Agron: Who even knew that Glee was nominated for a Grammy? I like how she’s departing from her sweet-girl-next-door look and is going a little gothic. Like the hair… One more peek into what might have been an interesting outfit. Hayley Williams: I feel like she’s trying sooooo hard to redo the beauty of the lace and sheer dress that Heidi Klum: Since she’s done so much worse on the carpets, I’m inclined to love this. I just wish it had a little more support…ya know….for the girls. Janelle Monae: I freaking love this! That’s all…. Jennifer Lopez: Anything that looks like a disco ball is a-okay in my books!! Love that weave girl! Julianne Hough: I actually really like this. It has beautful colours and an interesting pattern. I’ve been happy with this girl’s carpet choices as of late. Katy Perry: Siiiiiiiiigh. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of wearing wings….but come on! The rest of the outfit has to measure up. The skirt looked promising but then she topped it off with a bejeweled bra? Kim Kardashian: It’s pretty sad that it takes a Kardashian to set the bar for fashion. But seriously Kim looks amazing and sexy. At least someone called their stylist this morning. Lea Michele: She got me all excited about her style because she’s been doing so well this awards season. And then she picked this dress. LeAnn Rimes: No hors d’oeuves please….Ms. Rimes had a tictac 6 hours ago and she’s still stuffed. Oh yea and the dress is SO Lenny Kravitz: Should be the guy every man has in his mind while getting dressed. Aspire to this boys….this is pure rock n rolla. Miley Cyrus: Metallics were HUGE on the carpet this year and lil Miley Bird kinda really rocked hers. I also adored her hippie hairdo. Nice job Miles. And sexy tattoo! Freakin LOVE your bracelet hardware! Nicki Minaj: Okaaaaaaaay. I don’t hate it. Diggin the hair…and I’ve always been a fan of cheetah print….I’m confused to how this makes me feel…. Rihanna: Love this. Hate the hair. Come on girl!! You rocked short hair so hard. Go back. But this dress kind of really rocks. Selena Gomes: Nice….that’s about it. Snooki: Hells Yea!! Great shoulder details!! Let’s admit it…if she doesn’t show up wasted with eyemakeup running to her chin and her vajayjay showing…we’re impressed. Cyndi Lauper: Legendary….that’s all. Lady Gaga’s performance was amazing…if you’re going to her concert in March….just know that I hate you. -Bee
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