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Housekeeping notes. That is kind of a mish-mash in time since I’ve never done one of these local roundups before. Some are from the last 24 hours, some are from weeks or months back. In future posts, I’ll only look at posts that are new since the last roundup. Grand Stranders, keep blogging so I have stuff to round up! Also, I’m doing these in the random order of the blogroll along the side when I happened to load up the page. No playing favorites in the ordering, it’s just the way the dice rolled. Here we go. —————————————-   > Some general observations so far: > > * If we ever decide to move ourselves again, it will be because we’ve somehow blocked the memory of this move out of our minds. > * Pianos are cumbersome. > * The more work that you put into a place, the more you realize that you still have to do. > * The country is beautifully quiet. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be able to hear things from a mile away. > * Screened in porches are essential to life. > Of course, that doesn’t mean I will repress my entrepreneurial tendencies to explore other opportunities outside of game development! It just means I’m going to stop thinking of my current and past work as being accidental so I can plan on doing the same thing for a while to come. > So for now it remains just a pipe dream that some day I can stop drinking long enough to shed the pounds required to become a serious runner. I’ve decided my rule for now is going to be to not keep any beer in the house so that I don’t go drinking one or two a night with dinner or when I get off work. I’m hoping that as small a change as that is, maybe it will help a bit. > I’m not sure where this overwhelming feeling comes from, but I can’t deny the miserable sensation that forms in the pit of my stomach on the occasions that I come across these travesties. And to be honest, it’s not about the band, I don’t blame them for being on TV or garnering new fans, I just know I’m going to hate the new fans though. It never fails. > I was a monster in his classes, scoring well above anyone else in the exams and essays, and I attribute that to the inspiration and tuition of Dr. Richards. He was brilliant, yet he could relate to just about anyone, and he never lost his cool. He was surprising not only in his depth of knowledge, but his breadth of experience and street smart hipness as well. > I was really excited about the iPhone coming out. It looked like Apple spent a lot of time on the interface and worked to make it very simple to use. Anyone that has seen a demonstration of the iPhone with expanding or collapsing text by taking two fingers on the screen and pulling them apart or pushing them together can’t help but be taken by the gadget. What held me back was that the phone was locked into AT&T service and you have to sign up for two years. I really wasn’t thrilled about that prospect.
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