New Android and Windows 7 Tablet Computers Hope to Compete with the IPad

With the iPad seeing little competition in the tablet computer marketplace other than a few cheap Android-powered tablets, Apple now holds a nearly 100 percent share of the proverbial pie. Two new tablet computers, an Android-powered model from Samsung and the first Windows 7 tablet from Canadian computer maker ExoPC, hit the market over the next few weeks. Both tablets offer feature sets that successfully compete with the Apple iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Powered Tablet Computer Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is an Android-powered tablet sporting a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with excellent responsiveness. The Galaxy Tab uses Android 2.2 (Froyo), supports Flash and offers HD video playback capabilities. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab at a recent German computer show. The tablet contains either 16GB or 32GB of SD memory depending on the specific model. A teaser video is viewable at Samsung’s website. The Android Market is included; a feature not always present in the supposedly open Google Android OS. The device also comes with 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The Galaxy Tab hits Europe later this month with the rest of the world seeing the tablet in the next few months. Expect pricing to fall somewhere between $500 to $700 in the US. The ExoPC Slate Introduces Windows 7 to the Tablet Wars Canadian computer maker, ExoPC, is taking pre-orders for their Windows 7-powered Slate tablet computer. The ExoPC Slate sports a 11.6-inch capacitive touchscreen, full HD video playback, and 32GB of SSD storage for a retail price of $599. The tablet comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, with 3G rumored as a future enhancement. The ExoPC Slate is obviously compatible with all Windows 7 programs, but ExoPC also offers an app store experience currently for Flash and HTML/JavaScript-penned software, with Microsoft Silverlight and full .NET programs becoming available in the future. The Slate’s shipping date recently slipped into mid-October from the end of September; hopefully Windows fans won’t see that trend continue, as ExoPC’s tablet looks promising. Competition is what makes the technology world purr, so the news that the iPad is finally getting some real challengers to their tablet computing throne bodes well for innovation by all the competing manufacturers. It is shaping up to be an interesting holiday season in tablet technology.
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