Pet Owners Rejoice

We learned about a new trend with pet owners which is making your own cleaners and deodorizers to combat odors in and around their homes. Apparently the ones off the shelf are not good enough and are too expensive. I totally agree with the expensive part after visiting a local hardware store to check the prices on these cleaning and deoderizing products. The alternative to these high priced ineffective cleaners and deoderizers is finally here. The most popular pet odor remover recipe is PeeAway which can be found on their website at PeeAway is the first of its kind recipe formula that helps pet owners with pet urine smell and is effective on: carpets and rugs closets furniture upolstery floors decks kennels just to name a few! Using the PeeAway formula is really easy too, we bought it and made some within minutes and put it to the test in and around our home. We’ve been trying to train our dog not to urinate at the door, but sometimes late at night after a hard night of blogging, I don’t here my dog’s wines to go outside. And you guessed it, he leaves a puddle of urine for me to cleanup in the morning. I don’t usually scold him for peeing on the floor at the door because I view this as partly my fault for not hearing his calls to go outside. It only happens about 3 times a year that I am aware of but its still distressing. So cleaning up this mess that Buster leaves occassionally has not been a joy. I usually soak up all the urine I can with paper towels then use a strong cleaner like Pinesol to wash the floor. Yes, Pinesol works pretty good at first but it is very powerful and finally disapates after a few days. The problem after that is I can still kindda smell urine in that area. I’ve resorted to getting professional cleaners come in to shampoo the carpet near the door, but that still didn’t work as I had hoped. So after all that I figured who better than to try this new PeeAway stuff than me. I applied PeeAway around the door where Buster’s smell remained. I just sprayed lightly around the area and let it dry. Another thing you should know is that PeeAway is a pet urination deterrent, which means it sends a signal to your pets not to urinate in that area. I’ve never really heard of this before, but this is the main reason why I wanted to try it. Alternatively if I was cleaning with PeeAway, I would have used my standard cleaner, then washed the area with PeeAway immediately. After applying the PeeAway formula and letting it dry I waited until the next day to judge anything that I smelled in that area of the house. The next morning I had forgotten that I used PeeAway at the doorway and rushed out of the house without monitoring the results of how it was working. This was no big deal as I thought about it later that day because I would know when I got home that night how it was working. After a long day of running around paying bills and other stuff I ran into a few friends who decided to come over for a few beers. I stopped and picked up 2 cases of beer because I like to be a good host when my friends come over. When we arrived at my house, my friends barged into the house and within seconds exclaimed “You finally got rid of that dog didn’t you?” I said no, as Buster came running towards the doorway to receive affection. As I was petting Buster, I realized that the stubborn smell in the doorway was no more! What an uplifting experience that was to me to know that I took control of the situation and dealt with it in such an effective manner. Using PeeAway has brought new joy into my home and life by helping remove unwanted pet odor (expecially the urine smell) from the doorway of my home. With pure satisfaction I reached into one of the cases of beer and cracked me open a nice cold brew and said “I love it when a plan comes together.” My friends too grabbed their own brew and we cheered with excitement over my accomplishment of getting rid of the pet odor smell at the door. Its been a while since trying PeeAway for the first time, but its been few months now and the smell is still gone and Buster seems to have learned not to pee at the doorway anymore. Ok, so the story was dramatized a little bit, but that’s pretty close to the whole truth about my experience using the new PeeAway formula. If you own pets and want to help keep those pet smells out of your home, try PeeAway. It works as an effective pet urination deterrent and odor neutralizer and is sold for under $10 on the PeeAway website at We highly recommend PeeAway Pet Odor Remover and Urination Deterrent. remove pet odor cat urine dog urine house training dog obedience urine remover pet stains recipe
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